Who dressed the best at the Solheim Cup?

Ashworth provided team outfits for the U.S. during the Solheim Cup.
Ashworth provided team outfits for the U.S. during the Solheim Cup. ( Getty Images )

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Solheim “looks” continue…

We started off an exciting Solheim Cup by presenting you the latest and greatest in the fashion line up: Ashworth outfitting team USA, and Abacus providing clothes for Europe. Now, it is our duty to deliver a post-tournament wrap-up, complete with all the major fashion moments from the week! And as always, please feel free to give us YOUR opinion too at [email protected] or [email protected]

Beth Daniel pulled out the hot and very patriotic nails to match the rest of her look. We couldn’t help but notice how well-put-together the American girls were (you have to remember that we aren’t just critiquing the clothes – we have to make sure the overall look is catching our attention, too!).

And, by overall looks we also mean overall expression. A few of the European team members could have benefited from the occasional smile. Remember ladies, it isn’t the end of the world. You play golf for a living.

Christina Kim’s displays of excitement made Ashworth look pretty good. Also, she was still wearing her signature newspaper boy hat, matching belt and the cutest weaved braids we have ever seen.

Also, we cannot forget the Ricky Barnes engineer hat! Did he really have to start this trend? This is a definite point deduction for Michelle Wie. As cute as it was to match the shorts and hat, the look wasn’t working for me… or maybe just Wie? Cute belt though!

Abacus, bring on the blue! There is nothing classier than these outfits. They kept Laura Davies away from the full-button down shirts she normally wears, and made Suzann Peterson look hotter than ever! Maybe it isn’t the Nike that should be winning all our lookie awards. Maybe it should just be Suzann.

Wait a minute… the U.S. had blue, too! Just when we thought we made up our minds, Ashworth pulls out their version of stylish blue. How can we decide?

Both brands did their job well in our books, but the players wearing the clothes really helped us make a decision!

And, the winners are… ASHWORTH and their patriotic stars and stripes!

A special thanks goes out to team USA with their beautiful smiles and attitudes. We know winning is always fun but it is what you make of the entire experience. It is about friendship, competition and of course… accessorizing your wonderful outfits with fun!

So, congrats AGAIN team USA for another win this week!

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