Golfweek Jr. Invitational Junior Fantasy points

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Junior Extra | Golfweek Junior champs talk

Stephanie Meadow and Mike Miller explain how they won the Golfweek Junior Invitational.

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Eric Soderstrom is still in the lead after the Golfweek Junior Invitational, but Sean Martin bumped Julie Williams for the second-place spot. Check out the next set of Junior Fantasy picks for the Polo Golf Junior Classic (Nov. 21-27):

Eric Soderstom: Earned 50 points to move to 415.

Sean Martin: Earned 50 points to move to 330.

Julie Williams: Earned 20 points to move to 315.

Dan Mirocha: Earned 20 points to move to 220.

Scoring: Win (50 points), runner-up (30 points), top-5 (20 points), top-10 (10 points), top-20 (5 points). Zero points for anything outside the top 20. Bonus points when specified. (Only rule: You can’t pick the same player two consecutive weeks.) readers: We value your input and welcome your comments, but please be respectful in this forum.