Golf bags: Light and innovative

(Left to right) Ogio Synchro Hybrid bag / Bag Boy Revolver Plus cart bag / TaylorMade Catalina cart bag
(Left to right) Ogio Synchro Hybrid bag / Bag Boy Revolver Plus cart bag / TaylorMade Catalina cart bag

Monday, November 30, 2009


Toy Box | Inside the new Cobra S2 irons

James Achenbach talks about the new Cobra S2 irons, which work well for average players by using modern technology to produce a high ball flight.

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More than ever, golf bags are the beneficiary of new materials and designs.

The biggest battle in the bag arena is among lightweight stand bags. Ping, Nike, TaylorMade, Titleist and Callaway are among the golf companies with new stand bags that weigh less than 4 pounds. Callaway’s Hyper-Lite 3.0 bag is listed at 3 pounds.

The 4-pound mark has been something of a barrier in the stand category, but lightweight nylons (for the bag) and metal alloys (for the stand) have allowed manufacturers to produce full-featured bags that hold 14 clubs, have plenty of pockets and weigh less than 4 pounds.

Several companies sell ultra-lightweight carry bags without stands, and these bags frequently weigh less than 2 pounds. With few pockets or other features, they are designed strictly for nominal weight.

Among the other innovations in contemporary golf bags:

• Cart bags, designed expressly for the back of golf cars, contain a variety of expandable storage pockets that easily can be reached without removing the bag.

• Many cart bags, along with some stand bags, have insulated beverage pouches.

Bag Boy has a revolving top and center post that allows golfers to rotate the clubs without moving the bag.

Sun Mountain has introduced an MCB bag designed specifically for the company’s four-wheel Micro Cart.

Ogio is emphasizing midweight hybrid bags that are light enough to be carried yet durable enough for multi-use on golf cars and push carts.

• Several bags, including offerings from Club Glove, feature pockets and entire sections that can be removed to streamline and lighten the bag. Mizuno’s Twister bag is a prominent example of both the removable-parts trend and the hybrid-bag movement.

Callaway Hyper-Lite 3.0 stand bag

The skinny: Callaway lists this bag at 3 pounds. It has an 8-inch top with a three-way club divider. It comes with an Izzo double strap.

Cost: MSRP $129

Available: Immediate

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TaylorMade Catalina cart bag

The skinny: Made with nonrip nylon and the same kind of foam typically used in running shoes, this anticrush bag is designed to keep its shape. Holders for distance measuring devices, cell phones and even cigars can be snapped onto the outside of the bag.

Cost: MSRP $169.99

Available: Immediate

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Nike Xtreme Element stand bag

The skinny: The lightest bag ever from Nike, featuring an aluminum frame and fiberglass stand, it weighs less than 4 pounds. The bag maintains Nike’s emphasis on contemporary styling.

Cost: MSRP $190

Available: Immediate

• • •

Bag Boy Revolver Plus cart bag

The skinny: The bag’s entire center tube rotates 360 degrees, allowing golfers to turn the top for quick access to any club. Clip-Lok technology features 14 individual full-length divider sleeves that hold clubs firmly in place.

Cost: MSRP $179.95

Available: Immediate

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Ping 4 Under stand bag

The skinny: Ping’s sub-4-pounder has an internal bag frame, retractable strap system and hip pad for comfort. Contains a water bottle pouch with elastic band (to hold the bottle in place) and drainage hole.

Cost: MSRP $135

Available: Immediate

• • •

Ogio Syncro Hybrid bag

The skinny: An extremely durable hybrid bag, the Syncro holds 15 clubs, has 13 pockets, features full-length individual club sleeves and weighs 7.6 pounds.

Cost: MSRP $210

Available: Immediate

• • •

Sun Mountain MCB cart bag and Micro Cart

The skinny: The MCB bag is designed as a sturdy companion to the four-wheel Micro Cart. Bag available in five colors; cart in four colors.

Cost: MSRP $209 (bag) and $239 (cart)

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