Tiger headlines from around world

Monday, November 30, 2009

Some headlines from around the world on Tiger Woods and his car accident outside his Florida home:


• “Wife Went for Tiger Over Birdie” – News of the World.

• Tiger’s Not A Lion Cheetah – But His Wife Still Went Ape – She Used Two Clubs On His Caddy – News of the World.

• “Crouching Tiger, hidden hydrant” – The Sunday Times.

• “Was he fleeing the ire of the Tigress?” – The Sunday Express.

• “Tell Us The Truth Tiger” – Daily Mirror.


• “Tiger Woods – Was accident a bloody marital war?” – Bild.

• “Accident: What does Tiger Woods conceal?” – tz (Munich tabloid).

• “Mysterious accident of Tiger Woods” – FAZ


• “Tiger’s Idea. A diamond to make peace with Elin” – Il Messaggero.

• “Tiger Like Kobe Bryant: a diamond for the wife” – Corriere della Sera.


• “Woods Scared America” – L'Equipe.


• “Tiger rejects the 'malicious rumors” – Sports daily Marca.

• “Tiger takes responsibility for the accident” – El Pais.

• “The tigress' claws” – El Mundo.


• “Tiger Woods sheds no light on 'embarrassing' crash” – The Australian national newspaper.

• “Tiger: “Crash my fault.” – The Age, Melbourne.

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