Part II: Best of the Q-School questionnaire

Did you know Charles Warren was in attendance at the historic 1986 Masters?
Did you know Charles Warren was in attendance at the historic 1986 Masters? ( Tracy Wilcox )

Friday, December 3, 2010

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – The 2010 Q-School Media Questionnaire delivers as promised. So much so that I decided to break up the good, the bad, and downright hilarious responses into two parts (click here for Part I).

Charles Warren’s biggest thrill in golf is being at the 1986 Masters (so jealous). Tim Wilkinson’s? Winning $5 off fellow Q-Schooler Aron Price. Guy Boros’s was playing with his dad. Oh by the way, his dad was Hall of Famer Julius Boros.

Gavin Coles’ biggest thrill outside of golf was delivering his second son on the kitchen floor. Dustin Garza’s was shooting a 14-point buck. Life and death – apparently both can be thrilling. To each his own.

More from the “bucket list” includes Cameron Tringale who wants to run a marathon, Zack Sucher, who hopes to climb a sequoia tree, and Danny Wax, who would love to play in the Olympics (golf maybe?).

Terry Pilkadaris dreams of visiting Mt. Everest, the Pyramids of Egypt, and Niagara Falls. Matthew Giles wants to check off traveling Europe, retiring in Hawaii, and dying happy. Sounds like a plan!

Then there is John Mallinger’s bucket list: “did everything.” Really? You’re 31. I don’t mean to be critical, but I don’t think Mallinger’s won on Tour yet. Might be a start.

Here are a few more worthy of the files of strange but true:

• Jake Younan-Wise never travels without his Australian flag underwear/socks.

• Shawn Jasper’s favorite vacation spot is wherever the University of Missouri plays its college football bowl game.

• Smart aleck James Nitties never travels without his arms and legs.

• Fellow funny guy David McKenzie filled in the blank for the question of the course that he’d most like to play that he never has with the answer: “The one with the biggest purse.”

• Chris Baryla, who is engaged to be married later this month, is very comfortable with his manliness, listing chick-flick “Love, Actually” as his favorite movie.

Still more members of “Dream foursomes” (excluding the obvious) include Brian Vranesh picking Anthony Bourdain; Ty Tryon selecting Christopher Columbus; Martin Ureta going with Al Pacino; Craig Bowden liking Chris Rock; Clayton Rask going with Payne Stewart; Pablo Martin taking Moe Norman, Ben Hogan and a lucky friend; Joseph Bramlett thinking presidential with Barack Obama and Skip Kendall pairing with Ronald Reagan and George Washington; Roberto Castro naming John Lennon; Chris Epperson with the Rat Pack’s Dean Martin. Shawn Jasper apparently digs his St. Louis Cardinals as much as Missouri Tigers football and is going with Redbirds Ozzie Smith, Rex Hudler, and Tom Pagnozzi; Staying in baseball, Matt Davidson going with Babe Ruth; and James Nitties gets extra credit for picking his caddie’s too: Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Ed Norton (with Victoria Secret models on the bags).

NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW THAT: Craig Barlow’s cousin is musician Brandon Flowers of the band The Killers. Or that Billy Horschel is a believer in Bigfoot and UFO’s. Billy Hurley was the best ship driver in his squadron and won two ship driving awards in the Navy. David Robinson is 29 and has a 13-year-old daughter. B.J. Staten discloses he was the lead in his high school play. Sucher, who grew up in Mobile, Ala., was the sixth grade checkers champion. Blake Trimble revealed that his nickname is Red Dragon. Lee Janzen says he can dunk, Chris Epperson can do the robot and Casey Crain gets pedicures.

Ty Tryon is a huge metal fan and a vegetarian. And Todd Fischer says, “I’m not as grumpy as I look.”

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