The Fashleys 2009 Best Dressed Awards

Anna Rawson is the LPGA's fashion darling.
Anna Rawson is the LPGA's fashion darling. ( Associated Press )

Monday, January 4, 2010

We tended to favor more conservative looks for golfers in 2009, but as we launch into a new and exciting year, vibrant colors and outrageous ensembles will be on our 2010 radar.

Here are our favorites from the 2009 leaderboard of fashion:

PGA Tour: Ian Poulter

Poulter and his IJP Designs line wins our entrepreneur award. His style is unmatched on tour. Poulter carries himself with such grace that he could shoot 100 and we would still think he looks sharp.

Champions Tour: Fred Funk

Funky Fred! Who says middle-aged men don’t know how to dress? Freddy not only knows how to dress, but keeps his game up with the young bucks, too. I know we didn’t talk about Fred too much in ’09, but we’re sure to drop his name often this year.

LPGA: Anna Rawson

Although she doesn’t play as much as we’d like, we still love to see as much Anna as we can get. She is the perfect combination of outrageous and class. She will be a constant on our radar in 2010 and we cannot wait to see what she pulls out next.

Nationwide Tour: Michael Sim

This Australian has been under the radar for too long. He is good looking and has his game in shape. We look forward to seeing him on the PGA this year.

Futures Tour: Kim Welch

Kim Welch ranks at the top with her extremely daring fairway gear. She is still rocking the headwear and we love her for it! Also, she’s started wearing Catwalk Performance Art wear – one of our favorite brands, based in Hamilton, Ontario. Kim, we look forward to seeing some more trends from you in 2010. readers: We value your input and welcome your comments, but please be respectful in this forum.