Bundling up with Sunice

Sunice has great options for both men and women from base layers to outerwear.


Ladies vests from Sunice are fitted, warm and fashionable.

Everywhere from the Northeast to the Midwest and even the deep South temperatures are jaw-droppingly cold!

So whether you’re going to beat balls in a dome or bravely hit the links, you better dress accordingly or you won’t last 10 minutes.

Sunice offers a variety of options for staying warm from base layers to mid layers to, of course, outer layers.

For a company that started out over 30 years ago as a ski wear company, Sunice has proven over time that it is capable of keeping people warm in the coldest of temperatures, creating products with the highest quality technical engineering available for outerwear gear.


Sunice jackets are made with Gore-tex to help combat the elements.

With its focus moving more towards golf, Sunice has integrated the best aspect of their ski line for warmth and breathability while maintaining a strong focus on the importance of mobility and range of motion for golfers.

When heading out into the cold, be sure to layer up and start from the top down.

A hat on your head, layers on your top-half, and either pants and rain pants or long-johns, pants and rain pants. Fifty degrees may feel nice in the sun but behind a tree or with a big gust of wind – you’ll be wishing you piled on a few more layers!

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