Which Rickie/Ricky do you prefer?

Rickie Fowler (left) and Ricky Barnes during the final round of The Memorial Tournament.
Rickie Fowler (left) and Ricky Barnes during the final round of The Memorial Tournament. ( Getty Images )

Monday, January 31, 2011

Reader poll

Whose Sunday look did you like better?

  • Rickie Fowler 44%
  • Ricky Barnes 56%

62 total votes.

You didn’t have to be watching the PGA Tour coverage of The Memorial Tournament long to notice the young guns in their flamboyant clothes. Especially Rickie and Ricky. Not only were they battling for a win, but they were showing off their love for flair, too.

Fowler sported head-to-toe colors from wire-to-wire. He started softly on Thursday and Friday in light blue and light green ensembles, then revved up his look for the weekend dressing in some very bright numbers.

Fowler has definitely trade-marked his head-to-toe one-colored looks. But he isn’t the first person to attempt this look. Remember when Sergio Garcia wore a bright yellow banana-esque number at the 2006 at British Open at Hoylake? Garcia’s fashion statement didn’t last, however. He may have been well ahead of his time and/or we (the public) weren’t ready for such a bold move.

What is it that makes or breaks this head-to-toe look?

It’s important to remember when attempting this type of look that you are already making a bold statement. Use soft colors or mix and match the colors perfectly. If you want to wear a solid blue top, make sure that the bottoms have a pattern to break up the look. Fowler generally carries off his look effortlessly. However, I think wearing the orange of his alma matter Oklahoma State was too bold and ended up looking a little mismatched.

If you wear one color it’s is essential that all your colors match perfectly or are the correct complimenting shades of each other. Fowler’s hat on Sunday was a shade too dark for his outfit and ended up looking almost red. When in doubt . . . mix up your look with a contrasting solid belt and match the hat with to the belt. This will help the outfit flow much better.

Barnes looked classic in his solid shirts paired with fun slacks. He wore a great pair of dark blue pants on Saturday and some subtle tan and blue plaid pants on Sunday. Barnes’ look is simple, young and sharp. His Oakley clothes are tailored well to his athletic build, which sets the bar high on how clothes should hang one’s body.

Overall, the winning look goes to Fowler for his fun, youthful and exciting clothes. He is a fearless 21-year old and he is going to be great for golf. His game is fun to watch and his demeanor on the course is confident. And, of course, it’s fun to see what wild and crazy styles Fowler will bring out to the course next.

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