Catching up with AJGA Gary Woodland winners

Pailin Ruttanasupagid (left) and KK Limbhasut, winners of the AJGA Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship.

Girls Rankings »

1Andrea Lee2016CA68.07
2Kristen Gillman2016TX69.29
3Bethany Wu2015CA69.34
4Angel Yin2017CA70.13
5Megan Khang2015MA70.49

Boys Rankings »

1Andy Zhang2016FL67.66
2Robin Wang2017FL67.93
3Doug Ghim2014IL68.11
4Cameron Champ2014CA68.25
5Austin Connelly2015TX68.36

In a coincidental twist of events, the winners of this past weekend’s AJGA Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship have several commonalities. Not only are they Thailand natives, but both now live in California and are members of the class of 2014.

Golfweek caught up with KK Limbhasut, winner of the boys division, and Pailin Ruttanasupagid, winner of the girls division, to discuss their tournament experience and preparation, and found that the two juniors share another characteristic: a positive, level-headed attitude toward the game.

• • •

KK Limbhasut, No. 53 in the Golfweek/Sagarin Rankings

Golfweek: After making birdie on the first hole of the second round of the Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship, how did you keep it going and propel yourself from five shots behind the lead to win the tournament?

KK Limbhasut: I just kept the mindset of thinking positive and when I hit some bad shots, I would easily forget about it and keep moving forward.

GW: This was your first win. Have you done anything recently to improve your game?

KL: I have spent more time working on my short game to reduce the bogey.

GW: Did you have to adjust your game at all when you moved from Thailand to the United States two years ago?

KL: I have had to adjust many parts of my game, especially putting because the condition and types of golf courses are very different.

GW: How do you prepare for tournaments, physically and mentally?

KL: I try to practice like how I play in tournaments to simulate the situation in the tournament. Physically, I go to gym twice a week to keep my body in shape and mentally just came from experience. I had played in competitive tournaments for seven years.

GW: What is your favorite part and what is your least favorite part of playing competitively in tournaments?

KL: My favorite part is down the stretch where the nerve and intensity come in to play, and anything can happen. My least favorite part is during warm-up because there are many thoughts going on before the round starts.

GW: Who's your favorite golfer?

KL: Luke Donald

• • •

Pailin Ruttanasupagid, No. 153 in the Golfweek/Sagarin Rankings

Golfweek: Going into the final round of the Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship tied for first, how did you maintain solid play to hold on to your lead?

Pailin Ruttanasupagid: I tried not to think about it. I was a little shaky on the first tee because this is the first time I’ve had a lead going into the final round.

GW: Did you have to adjust your game at all when you moved from Thailand to the United States a year and a half ago?

PR: Yes, I did have to adjust. The grass and the greens here are different, so I had to adjust my putting. The temperature here is also different – colder and windy.

GW: Have you done anything recently to improve your game?

PR: I changed my backswing a few months ago. I tried to change my grip too but that didn’t work, so I mixed the old grip and the new for this tournament and that worked.

GW: How did you first get started playing golf?

PR: I’ve been playing since I was seven. I would follow my dad to the course, and I started playing golf because whenever I went I got to eat ice cream.

GW: Do you have any goals for yourself and your game?

PR: When I play I want to do my best. You can’t be perfect in golf, so I just try to miss as little as I can.

GW: Who's your favorite golfer?

PR: Paula Creamer

• • •

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