Sage Valley: Players take to dormie holes for night golf

Dylan Wu hits flop shots as Doug Ghim (right) and Robby Shelton watch during a round of night golf on Wednesday night at the Junior Invitational.

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1Andy Zhang2016FL67.73
2Robin Wang2017FL67.97
3Brad Dalke2016OK68.63
4David Snyder2016TX69.73
5Cheng Jin2016Intl69.85

The Junior Invitational at Sage Valley isn’t like any other tournament.

On Wednesday night, the 54 players went to the Opening Ceremonies where they heard 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus answer questions and then came back to their residence for the week to play night golf.

Beside the picturesque 18 holes at Sage Valley, there are four dormie holes next to the course. For the tournament, they light up two of the holes for players to go play on. Robby Shelton, Doug Ghim, Nicolo Galletiti and Michael Pisciotta were just some of the juniors participating in the extracurricular activities.

“It’s unbelievable,” Pisciotta said. “Everything is really first class so far, so that’s really cool.”

First class indeed. Listening to Nicklaus speak was something these players will remember the rest of their lives. It was also a learning experience for some.

“He was very certain in what he was saying, very professional about it, and that’s something us players can learn quite a bit from," said Pisciotta.

“It’s a great experience being here. Everyone is really respected here, and were treated top-notch. I’m just glad to be here."

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