Special report: Adjustability

Special report: Adjustability


Special report: Adjustability

The following is Golfweek’s special report on adjustability, which appeared in the Jan. 19 issue of Golfweek:

• Adjust on the fly:Clubmakers, retailers and golfers try to piece together whetheradjustable clubs will take off – or become an equipment footnote

• Ready or not, shaftmakers prepare for higher profile:In the new era of adjustability, shaft companies will need to maketheir brands more visible and desirable in the eyes of consumers.

• Adjusting to adjustability: Jim Achenbach addresses the many questions golfers will likely have about adjustability.

• Q&A with Dick Rugge:Dick Rugge, senior technical director for the USGA, explains how theadjustability rule change came about and what it might mean down theroad.

• BONUS VIDEO: Adjustability: Golfweek’s Adam Schupak finds out what the new USGA rule holds for adjustable clubs.

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