Women’s coaches allowed on putting surfaces

While at the NCAA Women’s Championship I polled coaches to see if they would like to be able to go on greens and in bunkers during competition. It’s one of those strange rules that women’s golf has that the men don’t – kind of like in college basketball where the women do not have a 10-second backcourt violation, but the men do. Strange, right?

Anyway, after asking the first nine coaches – all of them but one said, yes they would like to be able to do that – I decided there was no need to seek out the rest. I had my answer.

Maybe someone else had been conducting a survey as well. This upcoming season, women’s coaches will at last be allowed on the putting surface and in the bunkers. However, Division II and III have yet to decide if they will move in this direction. If they don’t, here’s an idea: Go back to playing 18 before the tournament starts or at a nearby course.

This is long overdue.

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