Fashion Statements: PGA Championship at Hazeltine

Seeing double? Yes, actually we did, Camilo Villegas and Willy Mac wore the same shirt during Round 1 of the PGA Championship.

The culprit? A J.Lindeberg argyle-inspired polo. The shirt was great, but on a stage this big, not so much. These two guys seem pretty particular about their image and style which leaves us to thinking either:

A. J.L needs to send out some apparel scripting.


B. One of these boys needs to tweet to the other what they’re wearing.

Boys you both look great, but no more fashion faux pas please!

Hiroyuki Fujita and Rory Sabbatini were both showing off their bold looks, during Round 1, with two daring belt buckles. Sabbatini’s was more of an artistic piece while Fujita had a message on his, although we may love belt buckles, let’s be serious, will there be a “Hi Mom!” buckle coming soon to a waist near you?

John “Loudmouth” Daly has a new pair of pants! That’s right Loudmouth fans, these new “Pazeltine” pants are lighter weight and have a dry wicking material. They are expected to hit the retail scene in time for the holidays (should be for sale near Nov. 1). Loudmouth founder and CEO Scott Woodworth told me the company has “been getting killed by e-mails” about these pants. Fans are loving this new style and word has it we can expect a few more styles in time for the gift giving season!

Apparently it’s not just the players that are making statements with their fashion. There were a few fans, they may have been traveling in a pack, who made quite the statement(s) – without actually saying a word. We love the spirit and the humor these guys brought to the course and, hey, it gives us a little more entertainment in between shots!

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