Wilson: A variety of new offerings

Although 2010 products from Wilson have yet to be officially introduced and won’t be in golf shops until November, the company’s offerings are intriguing:

>> a new graphite and steel shaft called the Half-and-Half;

>> new D-FY irons that essentially are a marriage of distance irons with hybrid fairway woods;

>> new FYbrid HS fairway utilities, featuring a new body design and spotlighting the unique FY club, designed as a transition between fairway woods and hybrids;

>> the FG Tour iron that was used by Ricky Barnes at this year’s U.S. Open;

>> a new Ci9 iron set, with the long irons duplicating the clubs used by three-time major champion Padraig Harrington;

>> a golf ball designed expressly to accommodate new grooves as outlined by the U.S. Golf Association and R&A;

>> an 888 family of putters, attempting to gain recognition from the famous Wilson 8802 blade putter;

>> a large offering of clubs for women, including the Ci9 irons, the FYbrid HS metalwoods and the 888 putters.

“We want to be known for our innovation,” said Bob Thurman, Wilson’s global director of research and development.

Perhaps there is no better way to do this than with a shaft that is roughly 50 percent steel and 50 percent graphite.

True Temper has a BiMatrx shaft that is steel and graphite, although the steel content is only about 18 percent. Furthermore, the BiMatrx is a shaft for woods that is designed to be extremely tip-stiff. Tiger Woods used the BiMatrx shaft in his 3-wood a few years ago.

The Half-and-Half is an iron shaft that is aimed at golfers with slower, smoother golf swings.

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D-FY irons

The skinny: This is get-the-ball-up-in-the-air technology for golfers with slow-to-medium clubhead speeds. The standard eight-club set includes 19.5-degree FYbrid utility club, 4-hybrid, hollow-core 5- and 6-irons with wide soles, cavity back 7-, 8- and 9-irons plus a pitching wedge. Matched with Wilson’s new Half-and-Half shaft.

Cost: MSRP $999

Available: Nov. 15

• • •

888 Putters

The skinny: With its family of five new putters, Wilson decided to use five head shapes. The 8881 is heel-and-toe weighted with a plumber’s neck; the 8882 is heel-shafted with an offset hosel; the 8883 is a toe-weighted small mallet (pictured); the 8884 is a smaller heel-toe mallet; and the 8885 is a larger heel-toe mallet with a heel-shafted hosel. Each has grooves in the face to promote consistent roll.

Cost: MSRP $149

Available: Nov. 15

• • •

FYbrid HS fairway utilities

The skinny: The FYbrid has been redesigned. Its new name is FYbrid HS for heavy sole. The family includes a 3-wood, 5-wood, FY transitional club, 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid and 5-hybrid.

Cost: MSRP $249 each (3- and 5-woods), $199 each (FY and hybrid clubs)

Available: Nov. 15

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