With that $1 billion, Tiger could buy a lot of tigers

Tiger Woods’s $10 million FedEx Cup bonus put him over the $1 billion career earnings mark (including prize money, appearance fees, endorsements, bonuses and his golf course design business), according to a Sept. 29 report on

How to put this into terms you can probably understand?

Well, with that much money, Tiger could purchase more than 74,500 five-month-old female tigers ($13,400 apiece) from the Web site, “the ONLY ONES IN THE WORLD selling tigers online.”

According to the site, a tiger “is probably the strongest feline predator on earth, but you will discover that it can be a lovely pet as well, loyal, friendly and TOTALLY HARMLESS.”

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but if you own 74,500 tigers, surely you can name one of them “Happiness.”

Or “Harmless.”

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