Big names hang on at Women’s Mid-Am

Big names hang on at Women’s Mid-Am


Big names hang on at Women’s Mid-Am

Co-medalists Mina Hardin, Meghan Stasi and 1998 champ Virginia Derby Grimes advanced to the semifinals of the U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship.

Hardin edged Lisa McGill with a birdie on the 19th hole; Stasi made a back-nine run to beat Kathy Hartwiger, 1 up; and Grimes defeated Lee Klasse, 2 up, after birdies on 15 and 16.

Laura Coble upset three-time champion Ellen Port, 2 and 1.

“It was scrappy,” Coble said. “It seemed like neither one of us, at times, wanted to win. It was hot out there and I got tired, but I wanted to win to just make it one more round.”

– Information from the USGA was used in this report

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Results from the Round of 16 at the U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur, played Oct. 6 at the par-72, 6,193-yard Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club in Ocala, Fla. (Note: x-failed to complete second round):


Mina Hardin def. Lisa McGill, 19 holes

Virginia Grimes def. Leigh Klasse, 2 up

Dawn Woodard def. Robin Burke, 2 and 1

Martha Leach def. Lisa Schlesinger, 5 and 4

Christy Schultz def. Noreen Mohler, 3 and 2

Laura Coble def. Ellen Port, 2 and 1

Meghan Stasi def. Kathy Hartwiger, 2 up

x-Wendi Golden vs. Amber Marsh Elliott

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Mina Hardin def. Marilyn Hardy, 1 up

Lisa McGill def. Carolyn Creekmore, 1 up

Virginia Grimes def. Kerry Postillion, 6 and 4

Leigh Klasse def. Janet Moore, 2 and 1

Robin Burke def. Laura Ladden, 5 and 4

Dawn Woodard def. Sherry Herman, 1 up

Martha Leach def. Kim Briele, 1 up

Lisa Schlesinger def. Sharon Park, 3 and 2

Christy Schultz def. Jennifer Lucas, 5 and 4

Noreen Mohler def. Thuhashini Selvaratnam, 19 holes

Ellen Port def. Joan Higgins, 3 and 1

Laura Coble def. Kim Eaton, 2 and 1

Meghan Stasi def. Jane Fitzgerald, 3 and 2

Kathy Hartwiger def. Lynne Cowan, 5 and 4

Wendi Golden def. Michelle Griffith, 2 up

Amber Marsh Elliott def. Brenda Pictor, 4 and 3

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Mina Hardin def. Tama Caldabaugh, 6 and 5

Marilyn Hardy def. Wendy Burton, 4 and 3

Carolyn Creekmore def. Sarah Phillips-Durst, 1 up

Lisa McGill def. Linda McMillan, 6 and 5

Virginia Grimes def. Carol S Thompson, 4 and 3

Kerry Postillion def. Mary Jane Hiestand, 3 and 1

Janet Moore def. Lisa Walker, 5 and 4

Leigh Klasse def. Rebecca Halpern, 1 up

Laura Ladden def. Reana Yun, 3 and 1

Robin Burke def. Daria Cummings, 2 up

Dawn Woodard def. Desiree Ting, 4 and 2

Sherry Herman def. Katrin Wolfe, 3 and 2

Martha Leach def. Julie Carmichael, 6 and 5

Kim Briele def. Kathy Kurata, 19 holes

Lisa Schlesinger def. Kendra Vallone, 4 and 2

Sharon Park def. Leslie Folsom, 4 and 2

Jennifer Lucas def. Annette Gaiotti, 5 and 4

Christy Schultz def. Jill Hardy, 7 and 6

Noreen Mohler def. Anna Schultz, 2 and 1

Thuhashini Selvaratnam def. Kay Daniel, 3 and 2

Joan Higgins def. Lynette Duran, 3 and 2

Ellen Port def. Holly Bare, 2 and 1

Laura Coble def. Patti Hogeboom, 4 and 3

Kim Eaton def. Alexandra Frazier, 6 and 5

Meghan Stasi def. Maggie Weder, 5 and 3

Jane Fitzgerald def. Tara Joy-Connelly, 2 and 1

Kathy Hartwiger def. Lea Venable, 8 and 6

Lynne Cowan def. Marci Zweifel, 5 and 4

Wendi Golden def. Claudia Pilot, 1 up

Michelle Griffith def. Rheba Mabie, 4 and 3

Amber Marsh Elliott def. Corey Weworski, 5 and 4

Brenda Pictor def. Wallace Hamerton, 19 holes

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