Wildman Q&A: Texas Tech’s JoJo Robertson

Wildman Q&A: Texas Tech’s JoJo Robertson


Wildman Q&A: Texas Tech’s JoJo Robertson

This week I caught up with Texas Tech women’s coach JoJo Robertson. It’s her first year in Lubbock after learning from one of the best coaches in the country, Devon Brouse, for five years. I caught up with the rookie head coach to see what she has learned, and to see how things are going in Lubbock.

You spent five seasons as an assistant for Devon Brouse at Purdue. What did you learn from him to help you prepare for your first head coaching opportunity?

I am so thankful to Coach Brouse for allowing me the opportunity to work for him. I still consider him one of the best in college coaching. What I learned the most from him is what hard work will do. Coach always got the best out of his players and that’s what I hope to bring with me to Texas Tech.

How tough was it to leave Purdue after putting in so much time and hard work there?

It was a very tough decision for me to leave Purdue after five years. I left my brother and his family, but at the same time, became much closer to my hometown and my parents and grandparents. I felt very comfortable when I visited Texas Tech and I knew that it would be a good decision for me.

The Red Raiders are back in the top 50. What were the goals you set for this program when you came to Lubbock?

I knew that this team had a lot of potential. We have great facilities, a good support system, and a lot of returning talent as well as freshmen coming in. I knew that if the team worked hard and had some direction that anything could happen. My goals for this team are for everyone to show improvement, be prepared for every tournament, and believe in themselves and each other. I think if we do that then the rest will take care of itself. 

How big of a win was it for the program at the Heather Farr Memorial? Does a tournament like that change players’ attitudes or beliefs?

The win at the Heather Farr Memorial was great for us. It was the first team win in two years. We also had the individual champion. I definitely think that it helped the players to realize that they can win tournaments. You have to learn to be comfortable near the top of the leaderboard and playing in the final group. We are working to have that chance again!

I know you have game. Do you ever tee it up with your girls and show them who’s boss?

I’ve been hitting balls pretty regularly. I haven’t competed in a long time but hopefully that will change. I have my amateur status back so maybe this summer I will compete. I do miss it.

What has impressed you the most about your team?

The thing that has impressed me the most about our team is their willingness to improve. They have come a long way in the gym without questions or complaints, they work hard at practice and with their studies, they have set some challenging goals for themselves this spring and they are a lot of fun to work with. 


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