Want to smell like Annika?

Want to smell like Annika?


Want to smell like Annika?

Annika Sorenstam’s performance on the golf course has been sweet. The World Golf Hall of Famer has 89 career victories, 72 LPGA victories, 10 major championships and notched a career-low round of 59.

As you know, Annika stepped away from the game more than a year ago, is a new mom and pouring her energy into new business ventures, one of which is sweet – her own cologne.

Annika by Annika Sorenstam is the name of her new fragrance. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle. The scent is a woody mix of flowers that I expect will last at least 36 holes.

Unfortunately, the fragrance won’t guarantee to lower your score. I’ll have to ask if she has a special potion for that.

Anyway, it’s still the perfect icing on any outfit. If you are going to follow our fashion advice, why not smell great while doing it?

If you plan to attend the PGA Merchandise show, you’ll find Annika at her booth (No. 3231). If not for the perfume, it may be worth stopping by for a glimpse of Annika.

And how’s this for a sweet-smelling athletic foursome: Annika, Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordan and Jeff Gordon all have fragrances bearing their names.


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