2010 putters: More to the club than cosmetics

Mallet or blade? That is the question asked by many golfers.

The traditional blade mostly has disappeared from golf, so modern players who refer to a blade are talking more about Anser-style putters (inspired by Ping’s Anser) or other clubheads that are smaller than the mallets that have proliferated in recent years.

Fitting is important yet often overlooked in putters. Every golfer should pay attention to the proper lie angle, allowing the player’s eyes to be positioned directly over the ball or just inside the ball.

SeeMore DB4

The skinny: SeeMore has taken its gun-sight alignment concept and applied it to an Anser-style model. The DB4 is part of SeeMore’s top-of-the-line M Series. Also new is a shaft from True Temper in which the dark bottom portion does not nick or scratch.

Cost: $325 MSRP

Availability: Immediate

Titleist Scotty Cameron California Del Mar

The skinny: The Del Mar is a mid-mallet with a flow neck, available in right-handed and left-handed versions. This putter can be purchased in standard or heavy weight configurations.

Cost: $325 MSRP

Availability: Immediate

Odyssey Black Series Tour Design No. 2

The skinny: Milled of 1025 carbon steel to produce a soft feel, the Black Series Tour Designs are available in four styles (numbered 2, 4, 6 and 9). The No. 2 model has a squared-off blade that is heel-and-toe weighted with a crank-neck hosel.

Cost: $269

Available: Immediate

Heavy Putter Lite Q2-L

The skinny: The lightest putter ever introduced by Heavy Putter, this classic Anser-style blade with a plumber’s neck hosel has a head weight of 375 grams and a total weight of 600 grams. New Heavy Putter models are available in Lite, Mid and Heavy configurations.

Cost: $119 MSRP

Available: Feb. 1

Yes! Mollie

The skinny: The Mollie has tungsten weighting in the back, along with a 303 stainless-steel body and an aluminum face. Yes! calls this “multi-material head construction.” The putter head weighs 355 grams and features a black finish.

Cost: $360 MSRP

Available: March 15

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