Q&A: PGA Tour player Chris Baryla

Q&A: PGA Tour player Chris Baryla


Q&A: PGA Tour player Chris Baryla

1. You are from “cowtown” (Calgary, Alberta) and went to school at Texas-El Paso. Having been surrounded by cowboys while growing up, have you transferred any western style into your golf wardrobe?

Born in Calgary and living in Texas, so there is definitely a western influence on me in general. I do own a couple of pairs of cowboy boots but wouldn’t say much has crept into the golf wardrobe, although I did wear rodeo belt buckles on the course for a period a few years back.

2. You have been known to flaunt some colorful ensembles on the fairways. Do you always plan it that way?


I think the level of color in my outfits depends on a few things: weather, location, and my general mood on the particular day. If we are playing in a tropical local you can be a bit more creative – white pants, shirts with prints, etc. Obviously if it’s raining or miserable you are limited more to dark colors that won’t show dirt or wet patches.

3. Is there a routine you go through before each round?

I generally spend an hour or so in the gym before the round then I will grab a shower and dress for the round. The tournaments treat us very well with cleaning and pressing services, so the clothes in my locker are always crisp and fresh. I follow that up with a light meal and a warm up on the range. The whole process takes about 2 1/2 hours.

4. It seems that your shoes always match the belt and you never hesitate to throw in the brights.

Matching the shoes and belt is never a bad idea. That being said I usually shy away from a white belt with dark pants/shirt. It cuts your body in half and makes it difficult to create clean vertical lines which are generally a more flattering look for television.

5. If you’re on top of the leaderboard next week at the Northern Trust Open in L.A., would you spice up your look for the final round?

I like how you’re thinking! Not sure I can compete fashion wise out here in L.A. Golf has come a long way with style and apparel, but we have a long way to go before we challenge Hollywood!

6. Are there any on-course fashion secrets that you can share?

As long as your wardrobe matches your personality and the way you feel on a particular day you won’t go wrong. Whatever the outfit, if you wear it comfortably and confidently you will wear it much better. Personally I don’t wear a lot of red. It makes me feel more aggressive and confrontational, no joke! Maybe I was a bull in a previous life?

As far as accessories go I think that they are a great way to express yourself within the confines of golf apparel.

As much as men’s clothing has progressed I feel the biggest strides have been made in women’s golf. Take advantage of functional accessories, and great new apparel lines, with classy athletic cuts. Women golfers have never looked better.

7. There have been some rumors about you launching your own line. Is this true?

Can’t really say too much yet, but I can confirm that the apparel is part of a lifestyle concept that will be forthcoming later this year. I want my clothing to represent me and not the other way around.


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