Popular Bridgestone ball gets better

Popular Bridgestone ball gets better


Popular Bridgestone ball gets better

ORLANDO, Fla. – Fans of the Bridgestone B-330 RX, rejoice. The company introduced a new and improved version of the popular ball as well as an additional version, the B-330 RXS with improved spin characteristics around the green.


When Bridgestone began its ball testing campaign in 2006, little did it know that its consumer education effort would also deliver R&D benefits.

Bridgestone’s team of engineers culled the data from all those test drives and learned that 77 percent of golfers whom they tested didn’t swing fast enough (below 105 mph) to achieve the benefits of its premium line of B-330 and B-330S models. Those golfers, unable to compress the ball, suffered from low launch and too much spin – a deadly combination. Yet of that 77 percent, more than half used a tour quality ball.

Bridgestone recognized an opportunity to create a urethane-cover tour-caliber ball for the golfer with a slower swing speed. Thus the original B-330 RX was born.

Opportunities to be fit for Bridgestone’s B-330 RX, RXS and other ball offerings will be growing this season. The company will be expanding its ball-fitting campaign to 22 teams canvassing the country and expects to fit 40,000 golfers this year.


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