Device teaches golfers to pivot like pros

Device teaches golfers to pivot like pros


Device teaches golfers to pivot like pros

ORLANDO, Fla. – Sam Shah was an avid golfer a few years ago. Unfortunately, it seemed unclear if he would enjoy playing the game again. In 2003, Shah was in a bad car accident, which led to back and neck problems.


A couple of years went by before Shah decided to pick the game back up. After his recovery and rehab from the back injury, Shah discovered he had a poor core rotation.

Shah practically had to learn how to play all over again. This time around, he wanted to make sure he had proper weight balance and a healthy-looking pivot while turning during his golf swing.

In 2009, a couple of years after his auto accident, Shah was at home in Louisville, Ky., and came up with the Pivot Pro. Serving as both the Pivot Pro president and inventor, he stumbled upon what he thought was a major breakthrough.

“My research lead me to now know that the pivot drives the golf swing, and that the pivot is the most overlooked aspect of it,” Shah said.

The gadget you strap on to your foot looks similar to an aerating shoe for your lawn. However, the bottom of the shoe is sloped so that you can feel the proper amount of weight on your side when starting the swing. The idea behind this is that you will be loading your swing properly rather than swaying.

After using the device, players will notice an increase in power from shots loaded properly. Ideally, after using the Pivot Pro consistently, a player will be able to maximize club head speed and develop proper footwork for a balanced swing from beginning to end. 

The product is endorsed by Jim McLean and retails for $89.99.


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