Ask the expert: Jeff Colton, Callaway Golf SVP

Ask the expert: Jeff Colton, Callaway Golf SVP


Ask the expert: Jeff Colton, Callaway Golf SVP


Why are today’s golf clubs better than ever?

The consistency of materials and the quality of materials are much better. In many cases, this is the same stuff that goes into fighter planes – the lightest and strongest materials known to man, and they are now available at a reasonable cost.

Do you see a replacement for titanium in golf clubs?

The military is constantly working on new materials, and we’re always drafting off the military. What is more likely, though, is new forms of titanium, new alloys. I don’t believe there is a magic material around the corner.

Why do golf clubs generally look better today?

The finishes and the detailing have been improved so dramatically. Shape has been a big factor, too. Clubs today are sleek and fast and modern in appearance. They are sexy. I think everyone is better today at the aesthetics surrounding golf equipment.

Callaway has invested heavilyin multimaterial technology. Why?

If you look around, you see fascinating multimaterial applications in airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles and all sorts of things. So we’ve carried that over to golf clubs. Each piece fills a very specific need.

What are PGA Tour players telling you about new grooves for 2010?

It is remarkable, the talent gap between the touring professional and even the elite amateur. They pull off shots all the time. They are able to adapt very quickly. If the new grooves produce a higher shot with more rollout, they are able to figure out how to use that trajectory to their advantage.


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