Sanders started many fashion trends

Conventional wisdom says there is a tipping point that launches every trend and that just one person can be held responsible for the movement.

Let’s apply this wisdom to the crazy colors, accessories and patterns in golf fashion. Can we figure out who is the father of golf course plumage?

Let’s start with the usual suspects – Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Payne Stewart, Greg Norman, Jesper Parnevick and Ian Poulter come to mind. Is it one of them? Or maybe it’s just a local guy who wore a dashing ensemble in a crowd at the British Open and everyone gravitated to his theme? Or maybe the tour has gone through multiple trends? Whatever, I’m about to get to the bottom of it.

All notable names above represent different styles. Hogan and Palmer had a classic, yet elegant look. Player had the chic and conservative black look. Stewart brought back “The Hogan,” but added his own twists. Norman started the accessory era with the hat and the blond locks. Parnevick brought in a new Swedish dimension with wild colors and off-the-cuff patterns. Poulter followed in the European footsteps and added his own personality.

Did one player start all this wildness? Yes, but it’s not who you think. The player who golf fashion craziness truly came from is Doug Sanders, the “peacock of the fairways.”

Dressing uniquely on the PGA Tour was rare in the coservative 60s. However, Sanders crossed the line with vibrant and matching ensembles. He really fathered fashion on the fairways and fans adored his look. These racy outfits amust have worked, as he went won 20 PGA Tour titles.

And, guess what? There’s a PGA Tour star who completely agrees with my theory. I’ll name him tomorrow. Who do you think it is?

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