Hungry? Grab a slice of John Daly Pizza

Hungry? Grab a slice of John Daly Pizza


Hungry? Grab a slice of John Daly Pizza

John Daly has a vodka drink named after him, looks like a walking advertisement for Lap-Band surgery and is a pitchman for loud pants and underwear.

If all that isn’t enough, you can now scarf down his pizza.

Daly has partnered with Perky’s Foodservice Concepts to launch the John Daly Pizza Program. The JD pizza will be available in such places as – and this is perfect – golf courses, bowling alleys, casinos, truck stops, bars and convenience stores.

On the press release, Wild Thing pronounced his pizza to be a “350-yard drive down the middle. … Grip it and Eat it!”

Perky’s president Jim Howell, whose company supplies more than 600 food venues, called the partnership a “great combination of things Americans love, pizza and John Daly.”

Move over, apple pie and Chevrolet.



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