White-out works for Augusta State at NCAAs

White-out works for Augusta State at NCAAs


White-out works for Augusta State at NCAAs

Augusta State won its first NCAA Championship last weekend, and the team’s golf wasn’t the only thing that stood out. The entire team, coach and all, were decked out in head-to-toe white with a dash of baby blue for Jaguar spirit.

Sporting all white screams, “We’re going to win this thing!” White is a gutsy color to sport on the links. These boys knew they had a good day ahead of them.

“Although it was coach (Josh Gregory’s) decision to wear all white on Sunday, it was something we had talked about earlier in the year and made the final decision at dinner the night before,” said Augusta State junior Carter Newman. “We are all a bunch of girls when it comes to choosing our outfits.”


According to Newman, teammate Mitch Krywulycz “conveniently” forgot to pack his baby blue polo.

“So white was really the only choice left,” Newman said. “That turned out to be a great decision because we knew Oklahoma State would be wearing their signature orange. And we knew we had to pull off something somewhat comparable.”

Added Gregory: “We are constantly trying to be on the cutting edge of fashion and we were fortunate enough to team up with Taylor-Made Adidas Golf in order to do this. They even let us design our own shoes.”

How does fashion fit into the seriousness of team strategy?

“To be completely honest, I think we discussed our outfits before strategy,” Gregory said. “This was something we did throughout the season. I also make pants a requirement for my boys, getting them ready for PGA Tour standards”

Augusta State parterned with TMAG during the 2002-03 season – about the same time Gregory became head coach. During the championship match, the team wore the Formotion golf shirt, ClimaCool slacks and the Powerband 3.0 – Tour Performance Line shoe.

Even though Gregory said his squad “looked like painters,” it was the perfect outfit for a fairytale finale.

Maybe this bright-white final round tradition will stick around at Augusta State.


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