Ogilvy prepares early, beats midweek jam

Ogilvy prepares early, beats midweek jam


Ogilvy prepares early, beats midweek jam

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PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – U.S. Golf Association officials had better prepare for a different look to future practice rounds at the U.S. Open, should Geoff Ogilvy win this year’s party.

Ogilvy, the winner of this championship in 2006, did his prep work at Pebble Beach on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then headed home for a few days of rest. After listening to Tiger Woods, who can blame him?

“It was long and slow,” Woods said when asked why he cut short his Tuesday practice round. “It was just going to be very slow on the back nine.”

Ogilvy’s approach to solving the agony of long practice rounds at the U.S. Open takes Joey Sindelar’s approach to the extreme. Back in his days, Sindelar chose to start his practice rounds at the national championship at about 4 p.m., just to avoid the snail-like pace that comes from guys hitting multiple shots from all different angles – which is to say nothing about the 37 putts they take at each green.

Now if Ogilvy wins this year, it could make practice rounds move much quicker in years to come. That’s because everyone will come in the week before and head home for the practice days.

Sounds like a plan.




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