A behind-the-scenes look at the Walker Cup

A behind-the-scenes look at the Walker Cup


A behind-the-scenes look at the Walker Cup

Last summer Bud Cauley was a member of the U.S. Walker Cup team. Cauley and his teammates won the Cup 16.5 to 9.5 over GB & I. We all witnessed team U.S.A play well on the course, but today Cauley tells us five things you didn’t know about being a Walker Cupper.

How did you guys pick your team attire?

We had no say in picking uniforms. Captain Buddy Marucci was pretty savvy when it came to style, and he knows how to make other people look nice. He was in charge of what we wore, and I thought we looked good.

We looked good, and it translated to us playing good.

Tell me about your team meals. They had to be fun.

All our team dinners were great, and we ate exceptionally well. We went to the same restaurant a couple of times, I can’t remember the name of it, but it was really good.

Buddy was a real regular at this place, and they put us in like a V.I.P room. We had a private dining room with closed doors and comfortable seating. Buddy always ordered, and the food was always good. We ate steak, mashed potatoes, lobster, macaroni and cheese. It was all really good.

Who were the players in charge of keeping the mood light?

The team jokesters hands down were Brian Harman and Drew Weaver. Those two were always going back and forth cracking jokes and making funny voices. Nathan Smith got in the action, too. He has a great dry sense of humor.

Harman and Weaver would be going on, and then Nathan would say something to make the whole table erupt.

How much interaction did you have with the GB & I team?

We really didn’t have that much interaction with the guys from GB & I. There isn’t a lot of interaction with them at all except playing against them.

I just think both teams wanted to win so badly that we were all concentrating on the task at hand. They were a great group of guys to talk to after matches, but during the matches it was intense with how competitive both sides were.

What were the best pieces of swag you got out of the deal?

The Walker Cup golf bag we all got was really cool. I also thought the team U.S.A. golf balls were really unique and I’m glad I got to keep some.

We also got some really cool other stuff like an Eagles jersey with “09” as the number and our name on the back. All of us also got a baseball signed by the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies, and Rickie (Fowler) coordinated with Titleist to get us a cool putter cover featuring an eagle that was red, white and blue.

I thought it was so cool I still haven’t taken it out of the package. I don’t think I ever will, either.


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