Clanton cruises to North and South title

Clanton cruises to North and South title


Clanton cruises to North and South title

Cydney Clanton defeated Lisa McCloskey, 3 and 1, to win the North and South Women’s Amateur Championship at Pinehurst No. 2.

Clanton, runner-up at last year’s North and South, was the player to beat from the beginning, earning medalist honors before cruising through the match play bracket.

“Any win is a high achievement, and especially with such a good field here,” said Clanton. “This win is amazing for me and gets my confidence booming, just to know that you are capable of winning. I hit a lot of good shots and made a lot of birdies, so this just gives me momentum heading into the U.S. Women’s Amateur.”

Clanton, a senior at Auburn, trailed for much of Saturday’s 36-hole final, but kept her deficit to 2 down. A stretch of three birdies in five holes (Nos. 23, 24 and 27) pushed Clanton into lead and she would cruise from there, making three more birdies in her final eight holes.

– Auburn University contributed to this report

Match play results from the Women’s North and South Amateur Championship, played July 20-24 at Pinehurst No. 2 in Pinehurst, N.C.:


Cydney Clanton def. Lisa McCloskey, 3 and 1

• • •


Cydney Clanton def. Isabelle Lendl, 4 and 3

Lisa McCloskey def. Michelle Shin, 2 and 1

• • •


Cydney Clanton def. Emma Lavy, 5 and 3

Isabelle Lendl def. Marina Alex, 1up

Michelle Shin def. Jessica Wallace, 3 and 2

Lisa McCloskey def. Courtney Gunter, 1 up

• • •


Cydney Clanton def. Martina Gavier, 4 and 3

Emma Lavy def. Mia Picco, 22 holes

Marina Alex def. Abby Bools, 4 and 3

Isabelle Lendl def. Lauren Greenlief, 6 and 4

Jessica Wallace def. Haley Millsap, 3 and 1

Michelle Shin def. Jessica Alexander, 1up

Courtney Gunter def. Stefanie Kenoyer, 23 holes

Lisa McCloskey def. Haley Wilson, 4 and 3

• • •


Cydney Clanton def. Christie Appleton, 3 and 2

Martina Gavier def. Rebecca Durham, 1 up

Mia Piccio def. Joy Kim, 5 and 4

Emma Lavy def. Jackie Chang, 1 up

Marina Alex def. Austin Ernst, 1 up

Abby Bools def. Lila Barton, 3 and 1

Lauren Greenlief def. Michele Edlin, 4 and 2

Isabelle Lendl def. Corrine Carr, 1 up

Candace Schepperle def. Haley Millsap, 2 and 1

Jessica Wallace def. Martha Leach, 3 and 1

Emilie Burger def. Jessica Alexander, 20 holes

Michelle Shin def. Marissa Steen, 2 and 1

Courtney Gunter def. Lindy Duncan, 3 and 1

Stefanie Kenoyer def. Kimberly Donovan, 3 and 2

Lisa McCloskey def. Madison Pressel, 2 up

Haley Wilson def. Kristina Wong, 20 holes

• • •


Cydney Clanton def. Tara McFadden, 1 up

Christie Appleton def. Meredith Swanson, 1 up

Martina Gavier def. Jessica Schall, 4 and 3

Rebecca Durham def. Madison Overby, 1up

Joy Kim def. Taylore Karle, 4 and 3

Mia Piccio def. Suzie Lee, 2 and 1

Emma Lavy def. Courtney Ellenbogen, 3 and 2

Jackie Chang def. Thuhashini Selvaratnam, 5 and 4

Marina Alex def. Chihiro Ikeda, 5 and 4

Austin Ernst def. Stacey Miller, 1 up

Lila Barton def. Catherine O’Donnell, 1 up

Abby Bools def. Elizabeth Brightwell, 3 and 2

Lauren Greenlief def. Jaclyn Sweeney, 4 and 3

Michele Edlin def. Courtney McKim, 1 up

Isabelle Lendl def. Julie Carmichael, 3 and 2

Corrine Carr def. Alisa White, 5 and 3

Candace Schepperle def. Desiree Dubreuil, 4 and 2

Haley Millsap def. Amber Littman, 2 up

Jessica Wallace def. Caroline Ellington, 6 and 4

Martha Leach def. Agostina Parmigiani, 1up

Emilie Burger def. Lucia Valdez, 4 and 3

Jessica Alexander def. Sarah Elliot, 4 and 3

Michelle Shin def. Rachel Morris, 19 holes

Marissa Steen def. Cyna Marie Rodriguez, 4 and 2

Lindy Duncan def. Rene Sobolewski, 3 and 2

Courtney Gunter def. Babee Dela Paz, 3 and 1

Kimberly Donovan def. Michelle Bowles, 2 and 1

Stefanie Kenoyer def. Haley Stephens, 3 and 2

Lisa McCloskey def. Jazmin Reina, 1 up

Madison Pressel def. Sofia Toccafondi, 1 up

Kristina Wong def. Alex Carl, 19 holes

Haley Wilson def. Kelly Shon, 3 and 2


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