Aces will net big bucks at Greenbrier Classic

Aces will net big bucks at Greenbrier Classic


Aces will net big bucks at Greenbrier Classic

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – Greenbrier Resort owner Jim Justice has added another wrinkle to spice up the par-3 18th hole at the Greenbrier Classic.

Aces will be wild, with a $1 million jackpot if a player makes a hole-in-one. Certain fans that witness it get awarded a cash prize, too.

Of the $1 million prize, $750,000 will be donated to charity with the pro that holes the shot pocketing the rest. Fans in the stands will receive $100, with their take increasing to $500 if a second ace is made that day, and $1,000 if the stars align for a third hole-in-one.

Justice explained that fans seated in the 18th hole grandstand will receive a card. If they leave – even to go to the bathroom – they have to relinquish their card.

“What I’m worried about is giving everybody in the stands 1,000 bucks,” Justice said. “You give everybody in the stands 1,000 bucks three times, (for) four (days), that’s $6.8 million to go in the stands. You know, you would have to have an armed guard out there.”

Justice agreed to pay for as many as three aces per day for each round, meaning a potential payout of $12 million.

“That’s all there is to it,” Justice said. “I hope they make a beaucoup of holes-in-one, and I hope we have a lot of fun with it.”

The 162-yard closing hole, with its horse-shoe contoured green, is where Sam Snead recorded his 35th and final hole-in-one in 1995.

To make sure the odds of an ace are better this week than at the resort’s new underground gaming casino, the PGA Tour’s Slugger White joked, “We got a big funnel out there. We’re going for an eight-inch cup now.”


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