Five looks that impressed at Birkdale

The fashion frenzy continued across the pond last week. There’s been more flash and tradition brought back to the game than we have seen in a long time. At the Ricoh Women’s British Open at Royal Birkdale, the ladies of the LPGA continued the trend of conforming their wardrobes to the surroundings. The crisp British air inspired everything from the traditional pant, argyle, tilley hats, knee-high socks, to lipstick and beyond. It was the most exciting fairway fashion show I had seen in a while.

I put together my top five looks from the weekend – why they worked, and whether average golfers should test these looks on their home course.

5.) Argyle. Any purist can pull off the traditional argyle sweater, especially on the golf course. It is a very stylish way to pull of the “serious golfer” look and to make waves on any tee box. Meena Lee gets her look from Korean brand Kim Young Joo. Unfortunately, the sweater can only be purchased in South Korea. However, argyle is an easy find here in the States. Just make sure to keep it bright and current.

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4.) Tartan. In a very simple way – this tartan crop look works brilliantly for Katherine Hull. I can guarantee it will work for you, too. Dust off the old tartan patterns and slip them on when the weather gets a little cooler.

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3.) Plaid. Even though plaid isn’t too far off the tartan scale, it is still fashion-appropriate in the heat of the summer. So, yes, you can sport it this weekend! Momoko Ueda has the look we cannot refuse – tradition and trendy. The brand she is sporting is a famous Japanese company called Pearly Gates. For now, it is only available in Japan. I will keep this company on my radar and inform you when it makes its way to the U.S.

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2.) Lipstick. Michelle Wie is sporting an accessory that we haven’t seen before – red lipstick! It is very circa 1950s and I love it on the golf course. This is a look that very few can pull off, but why not try it and let me know how it goes. Better yet – let me know how it affects your golf game.

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1.) Knee-high socks. Once again, our favorite fashionista, Paula Creamer, makes waves on the top-five list. Not too many players can pull off the knee-high sock look, but Paula sure can. In fact, Creamer can do just about anything she wants with her wardrobe – especially knee-highs in the U.K. This look is the norm in England, but please do us all a favor . . . do not try this look at home! Unfortunately, this isn’t something that should be brought to our side of the pond. Sorry.

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Honorable mention: Henrietta Zuel, a young lady from England who has yet to be mentioned in this blog, is now getting the credit she deserves. This chic fashionista pulls of a tilley hat like I’ve never seen. She did it just right with pig tails, dangling earrings and head-to-toe Gary Player black. If you plan to go with this look next time it rains, please do it just like Zuel does it.

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