Amateur diary: The pressure of Q-School

Amateur diary: The pressure of Q-School


Amateur diary: The pressure of Q-School

Sept. 15, 2010

RANCHO MIRAGE – Q-School is hard for everyone. Not like “man why did I take Japanese in college” hard, either. I’m talking about “this is what I want to do with my life for the next year” hard.

There are the players who walk in and are expected to qualify. There are the players who need to have their best week of the year right here, right now, simply to make it through to final stage. Every position has its challenges and each woman comes to play in their own right. I’m finding that the pressure and intensity of Q-School is incomparable to the NCAA finals, U.S. Amateurs or Australian Opens. It truly is an experience in itself.

So naturally, I am making sure I distract myself accordingly with food, friends and an odd episode of The Mentalist (that show is really good!). I’m staying in a house with Dawn Shockley and Jenny Suh, and lucky for me it has a pool, home theatre and an awesome kitchen! It’s a pretty amazing place. Two rounds are down and I’m still in the hunt. Until we chat again . . . wish me luck.


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