Junior diary: Bring on the Junior Ryder Cup!

Junior diary: Bring on the Junior Ryder Cup!


Junior diary: Bring on the Junior Ryder Cup!

Hey, y’all!

Wow, I feel like there are so many things going on in my CRAZY life right now! I am working really hard on my game, so I hope to be ready for the Junior Ryder Cup in two weeks. Secondly, my schoolwork is kinda hard this year and I have to study so much! Plus, since I go to a regular school, I am going to have to make up eight days of work when I leave for Scotland next Wednesday!

I can’t explain how excited I am to leave and get to play for our country. However, with that being said, the only thing I am upset about is that I got picked to be my junior class homecoming attendant and I won’t be there to show off! Hahaha. Anyway, I was also supposed to get my license the day I leave, so I am going to have to wait until I get back, but trust me, I am pretty sure I can wait!

Emma Talley, 16, will file a diary each week this summer as she plays some of the premier junior events in the country.

Talley is a two-time Rolex Junior All-American and has six AJGA victories. She holds both the AJGA’s 54-hole scoring record for girls (15-under 198) and the record for largest margin of victory (22 shots).

Lastly, I am going to miss our regional tournament, but I got some great news: The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has given me and one of my teammates, Justin Thomas, an exemption for the state tournament. Therefore, as soon as I get home from Scotland, I am going to rest, get a lesson, then leave for our high school state tournament. I will miss three more days of school, which will be a total of eleven days! I am going to try and get most of my work, and thank goodness that my teachers are being very understanding of my situation.

One more thing that has happened in my life is that Sept. 1 came, which was the first day I could officially receive e-mails and letters from college coaches! I have several different looks, and it is going to be a very hard decision to make because I love the people and all the facilities are great. It is going to take me a while to figure out where I want to go, but it is an exciting time. However, I am trying to get finished with the Junior Ryder Cup and the state tournament before I start really making some decisions. I am going to pray and really dig deep for my answers, because I think this is a very important decision for my future!

Since I have talked to y’all, I have won a few high school tournaments! In fact, my last one on Sept. 11 came down to the last hole! I ended up winning, but I need to make a 6-footer on the last hole to put it in the bag.

Of course, I have to tell you all about my social life! First of all, I love sports, and I have been to so many sporting events, I think no one can beat my record! Our football team is 2-1, and I am going to support them all the way because I love football games, especially since I paint paw prints on my face and dress in my jersey! I always say, either go big or go home!

Peace out, dawgs!


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