Entering the secret world of Georgia Tech golf

Entering the secret world of Georgia Tech golf


Entering the secret world of Georgia Tech golf

This past weekend I was in Atlanta for the Miami-Georgia Tech football game. But what would a football weekend be without a little bit of golf?

At Bobby Dodd Stadium, the home of the Yellow Jackets, there is what appears to be a secret door. It’s not exactly secret, but you could say having a “membership” is required. Located at the base of the stadium is the Georgia Tech golf offices, lounge, locker room and rest of their underground clubhouse.

When you first walk in you are greeted by trophies, championship rings and other golf memorabilia. Keep walking down the hall and you’ll find the coaches offices, followed by a lounge with sofas and a big screen TV. Assistant coach Christian Newton gave me the tour, and I stopped to ask, “Is there a locker room here?”

“Right this way,” Newton said with a chuckle.


Newton explained that the locker room setup was near identical to the setup at East Lake, which is one of the home courses for the Yellow Jackets golf program.

Down another hallway there was a computer room to do homework, but then my mouth dropped. There was a small warehouse-sized open room, and since it was game day, the team was tailgating with some ping-pong. The large open area also is used for swing practice, team yoga and the occasional ping-pong tournament when the players have some free time.

As the clock wound down to kickoff I thanked Coach Newton for the tour and jokingly asked, “Before this became the golf office, did this underground area belong to the Skulls?”

Newton laughed and said no, but he knew what I meant. This place was so unique and interesting, plus hidden from the rest of campus. When standing outside of Bobby Dodd Stadium, the only thing on the mind is football, but then there’s a door that takes you in to the world of college golf.

Georgia Tech on-campus golf headquarters may not be the most traditional area or space, but it certainly brings a certain kind of uniqueness. It seems like a club with a private membership required, and in a way it is. If you are a member of Georgia Tech men’s golf program, then entry is granted.


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