Who knew? Best of the Q-School questionnaire

Who knew? Best of the Q-School questionnaire


Who knew? Best of the Q-School questionnaire

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – It is one of my favorite rites of the golf season, the reading of the annual Q-School media guide questionnaire.

Chock full of nuggets, oddities, and belly laughs – some intentional and some, well you decide. Special award goes to Travis Hampshire, who typed out his answers (or more likely dictated to someone else. Most of these guys have chicken scratch that makes my own look legible). In a review of player biographies, it’s only fitting to start out with Korean golfer Bio Kim, who counts singing among his hobbies.

Continuing with hobbies, Paul Stankowski’s is “chillin.” Ted Brown’s is model railroads. Michael Ruiz collects wine. Dawie van der Walt’s hobby is Play Station “Call of Duty.” He also listed the video game as his biggest thrill outside of golf. No surprise, he’s says he’s never read a book.

Apparently, he is not alone. Several players responded, “I don’t read” as their favorite book. Jason Gore delivered the best line with, “What’s a book?” But many also listed reading as a hobby or a good book as the answer to the item they never travel without. Also liked these answers from Todd Fischer, who listed Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham,” and Todd Bailey, who said his favorite book is “short ones.”

Golfers are fans of other individual athletes and teams too. Jason Kokrak’s favorite athlete to watch “WAS” LeBron James. Darren Angel lists Brett Favre “in his early days.” Nick Thompson’s favorite is sister Alexis Thompson. Good answer. Erik Compton’s favorite sports team is the Miami Dolphins. Next to it he wrote, “Help me.”

Some players have earned a living outside of holing putts. Stephen Alker has worked both as a petroleum engineer and carpet cleaner. Stankowski was a pizza delivery guy. Brett Swedberg did club scrubbing. Terry Piladaris was an accountant. James Hahn was an assistant manager at Nordstrom’s. And my favorite, Stephen Gangluff, who said he split wood.

Then there is the old standby of naming three people to round out a dream foursome. Too many selections of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods to name, with “Dad” getting his share of votes, too. Excluding the obvious, here are some of the more interesting and telling responses. Ron Whittaker’s dream foursome includes Elvis Presley; Mike Hendry picks Sean Connery. Justin Hicks goes with Tiger, Phil and throws in “his agent;” Tyler Leon lists John Wayne. Most random trio goes to David McKenzie, who selects Captain Cook, Einstein and Jesus.

The bucket list question always sheds some light on the wants and dreams of men who would give an arm or a leg to be among the 25 leaving Q-School with a card. Todd Bailey’s is getting out of debt. Leon wants to be a cattle rancher when he’s done with golf. Several big-game hunters out there, including Glen Day, who wants to kill a record book white tail deer. Chris Epperson is targeting a “monster buck.” George McNeil dreams of hunting cape buffalo in Africa.

Casey Crain wants to play in the World Series of Poker, Chris Nallen wants to drop the puck at Madison Square Garden, and Geoffrey Sisk wants to learn to speak Italian.

“Not many people know that” is the sweet spot of this exercise in esoteric knowledge. Roberto Castro contributes to the website AllThingsThatAreGood.com; Rahil Gangjee wanted to be a jockey (he’s 5’5”); Josh Geary says, “I have a mark that looks suspiciously like a third nipple.” Zach Miller says that not many people know that he is “mentally hilarious.” Eric Onesi never would’ve played golf if not for a blood disorder he was diagnosed with in 1999. Joe Affrunti has a shoe fetish and Hampshire color coordinates his closet (I take it back. A guy that color coordinates his closet probably typed out his own form). Gary Woodland will eat “nothing from the water.” And James Hahn can fix anything, “even the U.S. economy.”

And last but not least, not many people know that I’ll be posting part II of “The Best of Media Questionnaires” tomorrow. Same Bat time, same Bat place.



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