Looking for success on Euro Tour? Shoot even par

Looking for success on Euro Tour? Shoot even par


Looking for success on Euro Tour? Shoot even par

No doubt many young players are starting the 2011 European Tour with much excitement mixed with trepidation.

They needn’t fear. They don’t have to be world-beaters to be successful. In fact, with thanks to Bobby Jones, Old Man Par still means something on the European Tour.

Of course in these days of 59s and 20-something under par winning scores, it seems a joke to talk about par being able to cut it on the European circuit.

Here’s a shock then – par not only can cut it in Europe, it can earn a very nice living.

I’ve been keeping tabs on par scores and what it would return on the European Tour for years, and every year it’s the same. Shoot level par in every round in every European Tour event and you can live like a king.

It was the same in 2010. Par was usually a good score.

Based on last year’s European Tour schedule, any player who shot level par in all 47 tournaments listed on the European calendar would have earned just over €1.8 million. He would have won the U.S. Open, and would have earned 5th place finishes in the Mallorca Open and Valderrama Masters. He would have made 21 of 43 cuts (there are no cuts in the WGC tournaments and the Dubai World Championship).

OK, I hear you – say, some players aren’t going to be lucky enough to play in the majors and WGC events. Meanwhile, level par in every tournament wouldn’t have gotten the player into the lucrative, end of season Dubai World Championship, although it wasn’t far short.

Nevertheless, any player who shot level par in every round discounting the majors, WGC events and the Dubai extravaganza would have made his bank manager very happy indeed.

Level par in the 39 other tournaments earned exactly €441,795. No wins from that. Just those two 5th place finishes, with the Valderrama performance good enough for a nice little €116,100 check.

More importantly, €441,795 was well inside the top 115 who received cards for 2011. By a long margin. By €230,000 to be precise.

Level par in every round of those 39 tournaments earned money in 21 tournaments and was good enough for 66th place on the European money list.

I bet there are plenty of young guys starting out on this year’s European Tour who would settle for that at the end of this season.


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