Heavy rain cancels pro-am at Sony Open

Heavy rain cancels pro-am at Sony Open


Heavy rain cancels pro-am at Sony Open

HONOLULU – Just to make you folks back on the mainland feel better about your battles with snow, ice and cold, it’s raining down here.

And not just a little, either.

In fact, it has come down so hard, officials at the Sony Open cancelled the pro-am. Minutes after that announcement, it started blowing with gale-like force so that palm trees nearly bent in half.

Bad timing, because PGA Tour rookie Joseph Bramlett was just telling us that anytime you get to Hawaii it’s great, “because Hawaii is a beautiful place.”

Smart Stanford guy that he is, Bramlett then looked out the press room window at rain pounding down and the furious surf. He smiled and said, “Well, maybe not right now.”

Indeed, it’s not beautiful, at least not right now.

Then again, temperatures remain in the high 70s, and no one has to call in the snow plows.

“I think,” Bramlett said with a smile, “Hawaii has seen rain before. We’ll be all right.”

Hopefully you are comforted to know that we, too, are coping down here.


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