Now up for sale: A Masters Trophy replica

Now up for sale: A Masters Trophy replica


Now up for sale: A Masters Trophy replica

If you wait long enough, everything is for sale at least once. In the golf world, there are certain pieces of memorabilia that are cherished, many of them having to do with Augusta National and The Masters.

This week, a private collector decided to sell a replica of the Masters Trophy.

Approximately 10 years ago, Augusta National Golf Club authorized the production of two Masters trophies that were intended to reside in the permanent collections of two new golf museums in the United States: the Brandenburg Golf Museum in California and the Augusta Golf Museum.

The trophy was made to specifications that would be easily viewable in a museum setting. In this case, the trophy was reproduced to nearly three times the size of the trophy given to Masters champions.

Because of insufficient funding, the Augusta Golf Museum never materialized.

The trophy was left in the possession of Frank Christian, a golf historian, author and longtime Augusta National photographer. Christian offered the trophy to Augusta National Golf Club, which informed him that he was free to sell the trophy, which he did, to a collector in Augusta, Ga.

The sole owner decided that he wished to sell the trophy and again contacted Augusta National, which again informed him that it did not wish to exercise its first right of refusal and that he was free to sell it to anyone.

Green Jacket Auctions offered the trophy to a dozen or so collectors by e-mail, with the information on the trophy, a picture and a price of $140,000. First come, first serve.

The trophy is 75 pounds, and comes with a letter from Augusta National Golf Club authorizing the sale.

According to sources in the golf memorabilia market, an original trophy awarded to a player would be worth between $300,000 and $400,000 if sold on the open market.


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