Q&A: Former NFL star Sterling Sharpe

Q&A: Former NFL star Sterling Sharpe


Q&A: Former NFL star Sterling Sharpe

Sterling Sharpe is among the former pro athletes competing in the Bob Hope Classic. Sharpe, 45, played in the NFL from 1988-1994 with the Green Bay Packers. Sharpe, a 1 handicap, is now an analyst for the NFL Network.

Let’s get straight to business. Who are your picks for the conference championship games?

I’m going to take Green Bay and Pittsburgh winning. I think Green Bay is hot right now and is going to get there. Green Bay knows the Bears’ defense very well. I think their quarterback is too hot. Ten touchdowns and one interception in three playoff games, that’s impressive.

That’s a tough one. Pittsburgh’s going to be tough to beat at home.They’re two teams that play almost identically. They try not to turn it over on offense, and they put a lot on their defense and their playmakers.

What’s the reason for the the R&B music playing out of your golf bag. Is that allowed at a PGA Tour event?

It’s actually kind of fun. It helps pass the time. Our pros didn’t mind it. We’ve had very relaxed pros. We like slow and easy, because we may run into some kids. We can’t have the hard stuff.

What’s your level of golf addiction?

I play every chance I get. I love it. I love playing, I love competing. I love being out here with these guys and watch them. You think about the best shot you hit, and these guys are 20 times better than that.

What’s your history with golf?

I’ve been playing 14 years. I kept talking to people that played golf. Then one time I went out with my boys, and the rest is history. The NFL season is almost over, so I’ll get to play more golf. I play every day.

What do you need to improve on?

My whole thing is just being able to get in the hole. I hit it far enough and I hit it straight enough. It’s just being able to putt it.

What’s your low score, and where?

I shot 63 at Spring Valley Country Club (in Columbia, S.C.)

What can the PGA Tour learn from the NFL to become more popular?

I think the PGA Tour’s done a really good job. I think the one thing that’ll help them is when that guy who wears red on Sundays, he needs to get back on top. When he’s playing well, everyone watches. They need that guy to get back on his horse a little bit.

If you were commissioner for a day, what change would you make?

I’d have two more of these, somehow, some way. I’d try to get “us” on the golf course with them because people like watching us struggle, because a lot of us were pretty good at our sport or our job. Maybe at the Greenbrier and another place.


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