Lopez infuses clothing line with personality

Lopez infuses clothing line with personality


Lopez infuses clothing line with personality

ORLANDO, Fla. – Walking into the Nancy Lopez Golf booth at the PGA Merchandise Show almost feels like walking into the Hall of Famer’s personal home. You half expect the motherly Lopez to ask you to remove your shoes then offer up milk and cookies.

Lopez was on hand Friday at Orange County Convention Center to meet and greet show-goers as they stopped to admire racks of Lopez’s clothing line, which grew out of her equipment line five years ago. She speaks of the clothing that bears her name proudly, and rightly so. Her pieces are infused with much insider knowledge gleaned from the golf course during her more than three decades on tour.

“When golf clothes are being put together by a designer, most designers don’t play golf but they design because they know what style should look good and they know how to design golf clothes,” Lopez explained. “They don’t know how to really put the pockets where they should be, how big they are, skorts – make sure the under part is comfortable.”

Lopez’s name doesn’t just appear on the label. She’s involved in the little details that only a golfer would take into consideration. For instance, Lopez has strong opinions that pockets should be on the right-hand side of clothing (most golfers are, afterall, right-handers), big enough to comfortably fit a yardage book and they shouldn’t show “lumps and bumps.” In the same vein, Lopez is very particular about golf skorts.

“I want to feel like I don’t have anything under, but yet when I sit down, I do,” she said simply.

Lopez insists the designers do most of the work, but every once in awhile, the 48-time LPGA winner likes to insert her two cents. She prides her line on its extended sizing (which soon will include both extra-small sizes as well as extra, double- and triple-extra large), and is satisfied that women can turn to her line when in search of something “pretty” to wear to the course. This year’s pieces featured lots of florals, and Lopez will get a look at some of next year’s styles and patterns at the conclusion of the Show on Friday. A hint? The new line most likely will feature an oriental theme.

“We can’t get better unless they say, ‘Can you do this?’ or, ‘We didn’t really like that,’ ” Lopez said of her clothes. “We’re always trying to improve and you can only do that by feedback.”

Spoken like a true Hall of Famer.


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