Masters Q&A: Y.E. Yang

Masters Q&A: Y.E. Yang


Masters Q&A: Y.E. Yang

Y.E. Yang was pushing Rory McIlroy on Thursday afternoon, but two late bogeys left Yang two shots back of McIlroy and Alvaro Quiros heading into Friday’s second round.

Here are a couple of questions from his brief post-round interview:

Q.You didn’t want to drop those last two shots on the last two holes. But a fantastic opening round. Assess the round for us.

Well, I feel good, I feel good. On the second hole I missed a birdieable chance, really. I was a bit down, but on the fourth hole, a par 5, I made a good putt to start off a string of birdies on 8 and 9 as well. I was on a really downhill from there in a good way. I was catching speed, I had some tail wind on me, and even though I missed the putts and I had to settle for bogey on 11, I think that the 13th, I think it is my first eagle in Augusta National.

It really helped me out to gain that wind again and I rode it into 16. And I saw myself in the leaderboard tied with the leader, I guess I got a little bit overzealous in the last two holes.

So it’s, yeah, as you said, it’s a bit disappointing to finish off two bogeys in a row, and go back down to behind the leader, but at the same time still a lot of golf left, and it’s been an overall good experience so far and I hope that it doesn’t end prematurely. I hope it goes along for three more days.

Q. Last year you had some great rounds here, had a top‑10 finish. Another great round today. How much confidence does that give you going into the rest of the week?

It’s a very good course for Koreans, for us. It’s atypical of a Korean course, so if you’re on a good day, I think that it’s to our advantage, really, this course is.

So, and it definitely builds on the confidence and the momentum. Although it’s a year apart, still, coming over here and putting on a good performance in one of the best arenas possible I think it only builds upon your confidence.

Hopefully, it doesn’t dwindle and I can ride upon it for three more days.


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