Pat Perez's wife helps tornado victims in 'Bama

Pat Perez's wife helps tornado victims in 'Bama


Pat Perez's wife helps tornado victims in 'Bama

Pat Perez is not the only one working this week.

His wife, Athena, has also been hard at work, volunteering in Alabama assisting tornado victims from the recent storms that have beset the southern part of the United States.

Last week, after Perez missed the cut in New Orleans, Athena took the car on Sunday morning and drove up to Birmingham to connect up with the Red Cross and offer her services as a volunteer, something she has done in the past.

Staying in a hotel in Birmingham, Athena would drive out to the devastated areas and assist the Red Cross documenting what homes were standing and what areas were still viable for habitation in the near future.

“It was 12-hour days,” Perez said of his wife’s work. “She would go back and forth all day and night between Birmingham and the different sites.”

The five days in Alabama is just one of many charitable efforts Athena performs while her husband is on the road playing on Tour.

“She volunteers at home three days a week,” Perez said. “She’ll go help kids out at the hospital or she’ll help battered women. She loves to help people, that’s just her thing.”

Both are fiercely independent and with no children to care for, the Perez’s both are persuing their desires, Pat playing professional golf and Athena helping others.

“We got it down pretty good now and it works out for both of us,” Perez said on Saturday night. “She can do what she wants and I can do what I want. It’s pretty cool. It actually makes it very peaceful for travel.”



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