Cleveland 588 Forged CB, 588 Forged MB irons

Players on the PGA Tour are notoriously finicky about their equipment. They want things to look, feel and perform a certain way. For those players and other accomplished golfers, Cleveland made the 588 Forged CB and 588 Forged MB irons.

The 588 CB features a progressive cavity-back design and a slightly thicker topline than the 588 MB. It also has a slightly longer blade length, which should make it slightly easier to hit, especially in the long irons.

The 588 MB irons are classic muscleback blades, with compact heads and minimal offset. They were designed to create a slightly lower trajectory and enhance a player’s shotmaking abilities.

Both are forged from 1025 carbon steel and are unsurpassed in Cleveland’s lineup when it comes to feel. They’re designed to produce a soft impact and give better players a precise sense of where they struck the ball on the face and what spin was produced.

Both the 588 CB and 588 MB feature Cleveland’s Tour Zip grooves. Between each of the grooves are microgrooves to increase surface roughness and create more friction.

When they were first made available, the 588 CB and 588 MB cost $999 with steel shafts. In addition to the classic club sets, Cleveland has created a combo set available via custom order that combines the 588 Forged CB (3-6) and 588 Forged MB (7-PW) irons.

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