Bridgestone J40 Cavity Back irons, Dual Pocket irons

The most important element of Bridgestone’s J40 Cavity Back and J40 Dual Pocket Cavity irons is their interchangeability. Golfers frequently mix and match these sets to suit their needs.

Both iron models are forged. Both have an extremely versatile sole, with relief at the leading edge, trailing edge and heel and toe. Both come standard with True Temper’s Project X Flighted shafts.

They are designed to complement one another – the Cavity Back with compact heads, the Dual Pocket Cavity with midsize heads. The configuration used by many players includes Dual Pocket Cavity long irons and Cavity Back mid and short irons.

These are more traditional irons with conventional lofts throughout the set – they do not pretend to be rocket launchers. Forgiveness receives a technological boost with perimeter weighting in both models. Both are made of 1020 carbon steel and have the soft feel associated with forged irons.

The retail cost is $699.99 for six irons (5-iron through pitching wedge).

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