Q&A: John Ward, Adams Golf president

John Ward is the new head of Adams Golf, recently purchased by TaylorMade-Adidas Golf. Twelve days into his new job, Ward spoke with Golfweek in Plano, Texas.

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Did you actively seek this position?

Mark King (CEO of TaylorMade) came to me. I didn’t approach him. He said, “Here’s what I want you to do, and here’s why.” I’m still very excited. Adams is a little over a $100 million business as it stands by itself. I think growth can happen in a big way. (At TaylorMade) I was engaged in an organization that was $1.5 billion all in. My responsibility most recently was the U.S. sales function (vice president of U.S. sales) for equipment, golf balls, accessories, apparel and footwear, which was about $600 million.

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How will TaylorMade and Adams work together?

Make no mistake about it: We are going to maintain our identify at Adams. We are working closely to be collaborative (with TaylorMade) while maintaining our identity.

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What is your vision for Adams golf clubs?

There has been a lot of perspective based on quotes about how Adams would focus on seniors and ladies and boxed sets. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re not about ladies and seniors clubs, albeit we will continue to sell really nice ones. We’re about products for everybody, products that are easy to hit for every golfer and all player types.

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Will we see white-headed Adams metalwoods?

I don’t know. It’s definitely on the list to talk about. At the same time, we are being very precautionary to make sure that Adams brand maintains its identity.

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Will Barney Adams (founder of Adams Golf) have a voice?

We are working through right now what his involvement will be with the company. We fully respect that his name is on the building outside.

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Will Adams will maintain its own touring staff?


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It is often said that big golf companies move more slowly than small ones. Could TaylorMade conceivably slow down Adams?

The fact that we are now part of something bigger will not slow down the process at all, because the bigger part (TaylorMade) is the fastest in golf by two or three (times). And let me stress that fast does not mean hasty.

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