Cobra Baffler Hybrid Iron and Combo set

The Baffler, introduced in 1975, has become something of an iconic utility club. For early 2013 models, the name is appropriately used for two different configurations of club sets.

Golfers will like the easy-to-hit performance of the Baffler Hybrid Irons set, Cobra is offering an entire set of Bafflers (4-PW, GW); MSRP for this configuration is $499 with steel shafts, $599 with graphite.

Appealing perhaps to a more diverse group of golfers is a Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo Set (4-6H, 7-PW, GW). MSRP for this configuration is $599 with steel, $699 with graphite.

A Combo Set for women (graphite) also will carry a $699 price.

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