Odyssey Versa No. 1 putter

Jim Holtgrieve, 62, poses in his home in St. Louis, Mo. Holtgrieve calls his appointment to captain the Americans this September "truly the biggest honor I have ever received."

Odyssey Versa No. 1 putter


Odyssey Versa No. 1 putter

The Odyssey Versa No. 1 head is composed of alternating black and white blocks or sections. It’s up to the golfer to choose the appropriate black-and-white pattern.

Included in the 13 models is the venerable 2-Ball, along with several other familiar Odyssey designs.

Versa (MSRP $169.99) is all about visual perception and alignment (called Visionary High Contrast Alignment). The theory here is that golfers will gravitate toward the contrasting black-and-white patterns that are most comfortable to them.



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