Bridgestone to launch Lady Precept

Bridgestone to launch Lady Precept


Bridgestone to launch Lady Precept

The zenith of the Precept MC Lady golf ball came in 2001, when many men were bold enough to play with a ball that said Lady on it.

Touted to provide maximum distance for golfers with slower or moderate swing speeds, the MC Lady was a commercial hit – appealing to women and men alike.

Now, there is a new version of the ball – the Bridgestone Lady Precept. The new ball has a 330-dimple Surlyn cover that is 12 percent thinner than the cover of the MC Lady, according to the company. A thinner cover generally means a larger core, and Bridgestone provides one in the new model, utilizing what it calls a Gradational Cover Core. Utilizing data from more than 14,000 live fittings, Bridgestone says the new ball was developed to best suit the average female golf swing.

Although the Precept has been retained, the Bridgestone Lady Precept has achieved an updated status under the Bridgestone umbrella. It is now an official part of the flagship brand.

Bridgestone is widely known for is E series golf balls, as well as its balls in the RX and B330 families.

The new ball is offered in white, optic pink and optic yellow. The cost is $19.99 per dozen. It is scheduled to be available July 1.


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