Ramsey wins Women’s Western Amateur title

Ramsey wins Women’s Western Amateur title


Ramsey wins Women’s Western Amateur title

Ashlan Ramsey of Milledgeville, Ga., won the Women’s Western Amateur with a 7-and-6 victory over Jenna Hague of Canada, in a 36-hole final at Dayton (Ohio) Country Club.

This is Ramsey’s third consecutive amateur victory. She has won the Georgia Women’s Match Play Championship, the Women’s Eastern Amateur with rounds of 66-70-70, and now the Women’s Western Amateur.

On the way to her win, Ramsey defeated Aliston Kruse, 5 and 4, in the first round. In the second round she defeated Rene Sobolewski, 4 and 3, and later that afternoon she beat Kacie Komoto, 2 up. In the quarterfinals, Ramsey won defeated Emmie Pietila, 4 and 3, and in the semifinals defeated Gabriella Then, 3 and 2.

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Ashlan Ramsey def. Jenna Hague, 7 and 6


Jenna Hague def. Hally Leadbetter, 2-1

Ashlan Ramsey def. Gabriella Then, 3-2


Jenna Hague, Burlington def. Jessica Porvasnik, 4 and 3

Hally Leadbetter def. Jennifer Ha, 1 up

Gabriella Then def. Celia Kuenster, 19 holes

Ashlan Ramsey def. Emmie Pietila, 4 and 3


Jenna Hague def. Christine Meier, 20 holes

Hally Leadbetter def. Augusta James, 3 and 2

Jennifer Ha def. Breanna Patz, 4 and 2

Celia Kuenster def. Mariana Sims, 4 and 3

Gabriella Then def. Susan Kirschenman, 6 and 4

Emmie Pietila def. Karlie Zabrosky, 6 and 4

Ashlan Ramsey def. Kacie Komoto, 2 up


Brooke Henderson def. Olivia Lavy, 4 and 2

Jessica Porvasnik def. Calli Ringsby, 4 and 3

Christine Meier def. Marissa DeCola, 2 and 1

Jenna Hague def. Brittany Marchand, 2 and 1

Augusta James def. Lauren English, 19 holes

Hally Leadbetter def. Natalie Goodson, 4 and 3

Jennifer Ha def. Christine Wong, 3 and 2

Breanna Patz def. Mika Liu, 4 and 3

Mariana Sims def. Dana Finkelstein, 1 up

Celia Kuenster def. Corinna Rees, 4 and 3

Susan Kirschenman def. Jennifer Elsholz, 6 and 4

Gabriella Then def. Scotland Preston, 3 and 1

Emmie Pietila def. Emee Herbert, 5 and 4

Karlie Zabrosky def. Meghan Theiss, 2 up

Ashlan Ramsey def. Rene Sobolewski, 4 and 3

Kacie Komoto def. Trisha Witherby, 19 holes


Brooke Henderson def. Sarah Harris, 2 up

Olivia Lavy def. Janie Jackson, 4 and 3

Calli Ringsby def. Mary Ellen Shuman, 3 and 2

Jessica Porvasnik def. Samantha Postillion, 3 and 1

Marissa DeCola def. Regina Plasencia, 1 up

Christine Meier def. Jordan Lippetz, 2 and 1

Brittany Marchand def. Erin Selfridge, 3 and 2

Jenna Hague def. Mikayla Harmon, 1 up

Augusta James def. Kiersten Klekner, 2 and 1

Lauren English def. Samantha Troyanovich, 2 and 1

Hally Leadbetter def. Isabelle Kane, 5 and 4

Natalie Goodson def. Morgan Ransom ,4 and 3

Christine Wong def. Christina Ocampo, 2 and 1

Jennifer Ha def. Kate Hoops, 6 and 4

Mika Liu def. Elizabeth Szokol, 2 and 1

Breanna Patz def. Laura Restrepo, 22 holes

Dana Finkelstein def. Briana Midkiff, 5 and 4

Mariana Sims def. Anna Young, 3 and 2

Celia Kuenster def. Liz Breed, 1 up

Corinna Rees def. Nadia Luttner, 2 and 1

Susan Kirschenman def. Ellen Ceresko, 1 up

Jennifer Elsholz def. Katie Petrino, 3 and 2

Gabriella Then def. Maty Monzingo, 5 and 4

Scotland Preston def. Meghan Perry, 2 and 1

Emmie Pietila def. Isabel Southard, 2 and 1

Emee Herbert def. Megan Kinney, 4 and 3

Karlie Zabrosky def. Shelby Phillips, 3 and 2

Meghan Theiss def. Lexie Long, 3 and 1

Ashlan Ramsey def. Alison Kruse, 5 and 4

Rene Sobolewski def. Taylor Kim, 21 holes

Kacie Komoto def. Zoe Brake, 3 and 2

Trisha Witherby def. Lilette Mocio, 4 and 3


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