Rude: Good “omen” for Fowler, Bubba, Leishman

GULLANE, Scotland –- OK, here’s the annual report on omens.

In 1997, Justin Leonard was on my flight to Scotland. Sensing an omen, I bet him to win. He did. So did I.

In 2004, Todd Hamilton was on my flight to Scotland. Then I saw him on the street the night before the Open. He was such a long shot that I ignored the omen and did not bet on him.

Never again, I said. I’ve been betting omens, without much success, ever since.

That brings us to this week. On my flight to Scotland yesterday were Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Marc Leishman.

So I informed Fowler at baggage claim in Edinburgh: “Good news for you. Justin Leonard and Todd Hamilton were on my flights over here the years they won.”

Fowler replied, “I guess I just have to beat Bubba and Leishman. Maybe it will be a playoff.”

Maybe. For certain is this: I’m betting Fowler, if not the two others.

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